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Skin Hug Handmade Natural Lotion

Skin Hug Handmade Natural Lotion


Main Ingredients: Musk Essential Oil + Oud Essential Oil +Amber Essential Oil + Sandalwood Essential Oil

Every lotion we have prepared has a story, which I like to share with you ...

Honestly, this lotion was made with love. with my husband support and help we have created this lotion by the love we held for each other. 4 main ingredients made this lovely lotion our most and frequent selling product in the UK.

Helps to balance uneven skin tone and improves hyper-pigmentation. It does so by stimulating synthesis of the collagen , improving the metabolic process of the skin and skin dehydration, and reducing fine lines and hyper-pigmentation.

In addition to all the powerful benefits the scent can last for hours, leaving the skin with moisturised and nice smelling skin.

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