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Scent of Her Natural Handmade Loofah Soap

Scent of Her Natural Handmade Loofah Soap


Ingredients: sea holly flower Essential Oil (afrodesiak)+ mix scented Essential Oil flowers

Frankly speaking, this soap is dedicated to any bride or women in my Home country (Sudan). because we as Sudanese ladies look after ourselves for lot of reasons, which one of them is to attract our husbands and bringing out the beauty within us. I have gone crazy and brave with this lotion ingredients. powerful and magical selection of mixed flowers. I have used the root of the plants for the purpose of DESIRE and to attract your loved ones. It also provides skin firmness and moisture and protects the skin’s natural elastin and collagen, both of which decrease as you age, resulting in greater skin radiance and luminosity. I personally call the Sea holly flower essential oil the Rejuvenator SWAP.

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